Economic Impact

Doe Run’s Economic Impact

The Southeast Missouri economy is built on mining and metal production. Doe Run upholds this tradition of economic impact today as the last remaining lead mining and metal production company in the region.

For more than 300 years, from the time the first settlers began mining the resource-rich ground to today, lead mining has fueled the growth of this area. Doe Run’s economic impact on our communities is important to our leaders and our employees. We want to ensure that this industry, and this region, continues to thrive. That’s why we hire employees from our communities, give to local schools and nonprofits, and do business with Missouri companies.

Doe Run employs 1,200 employees who live in 24 Missouri counties.

Measuring Doe Run’s Economic Impact:

  • $1.2 billion in overall economic impact
  • 1,221 total employees
  • 24 Missouri counties where employees live
  • 95% higher average Doe Run wages over Missouri’s average wage for all industries
  • 2,270 direct and indirect jobs in Missouri
  • 1,190 annual volunteer hours
  • $164,000 annual community donations and scholarships
  • $112.3 million in payroll for Doe Run employees
  • $6.7 million annual property taxes
  • $9.1 million annual government royalties
  • $188 million annual spend with Missouri suppliers
  • 665 Missouri vendor relationships

Mining contributed $1.5 billion to Missouri’s gross state product.

Missouri Mining Economic Impact:

  • $73,791 average wage for Missouri mining employees
  • More than 10,400 Missouri jobs in mining and support
  • Mining contributed $3.1 billion to Missouri’s gross state product
  • Missouri ranks 12th out of the 50 states for jobs contributed by metal mining

Extending Doe Run’s Economic Impact to Local Suppliers:

Doe Run partners with its local vendors to create a more sustainable supply chain and support Missouri’s mining economic impact and vitality where possible. Its supplier practices represented 43% of Doe Run’s overall supplier spending.

Supporting Our Communities

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Stephen Ritchie

“As one of the largest employers in rural Southeastern Missouri, Doe Run takes pride in sourcing products near the operations by developing and building partnerships with Missouri suppliers. Annually, Doe Run spends more than $169 million on Missouri vendors, helping to contribute to the vitality of the area.”

Stephen Ritchie

Manager, Procurement

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