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Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling processes more than 13.5 million recycled lead batteries annually.

Cable stripping

Cable insulated with lead wire are stripped and recycled at Resource Recycling to be converted into secondary lead for new products.

Refining & Alloying

Employees wear protective gear to keep themselves safe as they work to produce lead metals and alloys critical to modern society.

Environmental compliance

Employees regularly examine Doe Run’s baghouses, like this one at Resource Recycling, to replace air filters and monitor that equipment is working properly.

Area beautification

Roadside signage recognizes employees at Resource Recycling for sponsoring roadside clean-up.

Lead fabrication

Star anodes are used in electroplating tanks for electrolysis activity and take up less space than the same material in plate, rod or bar form.

Lead manufacturing

An employee maintains the proper conditions at the furnace during the lead fabrication process.

Pour preparation

An employee cleans a kettle valve prior to lead casting.

Truck wash

Doe Run's truck washing procedures remove traces of lead that could otherwise be tracked off-site.

Community involvement

Doe Run donated rooftop solar panels to Herculaneum High School as part of a cost-savings and educational opportunity.

Lead metal blocks

Doe Run ships lead metal and alloys to customers who produce a variety of products including batteries that start vehicles and provide emergency power supply to telecom, data, hospital and military installations, and radiation shielding in medical and military applications.

Lead metal ingots

Doe Run produces high purity lead metal and alloys including 1-ton lead blocks, 100-pound lead ingots and 60-pound ingots, also known as pigs.

Adjustable respirators

Employees at Resource Recycling wear protective gear as they help recycle more than 13.5 million lead batteries annually.

Mine rescue teams

Doe Run’s award-winning mine rescue teams practice a safety drill underground.

Land management

Restored exploration sites are re-seeded to grow native plants and attract turkey, deer and other wildlife.


Large haul trucks are used to remove contaminated soils and later replace soils with clean dirt in remediation sites.


Exploration is an important way of meeting the domestic demand for minerals. Workers wear personal protective equipment at exploration sites, which are typically no bigger than a quarter-acre in size.


Heavy equipment is disassembled, lowered into the mine and reassembled for use 1,000 feet underground. Here an employee loads ore into a haul truck by operating a front-end loader by remote control.


Heavy equipment such as diamond drills are used underground to help locate, access and extract ore deposits.

Water management

Doe Run manages about 35 million gallons of water daily, pumping it from underground mines to treatment plants above ground.
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